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gather 'round kids, it's story time!

gather 'round kids, it's story time!, upload feito originalmente por aye_shamus.

52 weeks: week 17

this place is a zoo,
what will get their attention?
i know! "go, dog. go!"

haiku this photo for fgr

i'm dog sitting gus and winnie over the weekend for my friends vic and holly. any time i get up, they're full of energy. every step i take, all of them have to follow me around. it's like my own personal entourage. they're really fun dogs. my only complaint is that they like to bark. i've been working with them, and they've settle down quite a bit. there are still a few instances when they'll hear something outside and let out some barks.

when we go up the stairs, gus will walk up normally with his front legs, but he'll hop up with his back legs together. it's quite funny. i think he's part rabbit.

i'm pretty sure winnie has a crush on me. she's alway staring at me with a smile on her face. what can i say, bitches love me!

when i go lay on the couch to watch a dvd, nap, or write a letter, both of them have to jump up and lay somewhere on me. they're like living, breathing and moving blankets. the only bad part is when one of them step on the family jewels, not so much fun.

strobist: 580exii into reflective umbrella, high and to camera right, 420ex into shoot through umbrella, low and camera left, 580exii triggered by an elinchrom skyport and the 420ex triggered by a peanut optical slave.

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